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Program Overview

Program OverviewThe goal of this program is to increase diversion of non-hazardous solid waste away from California landfills and to promote market demand for secondary and postconsumer materials.

The Recycling Market Development Zone (RMDZ) program provides economic incentives and technical services to businesses that divert waste from California’s landfills while adding jobs and revenues to the local economy.

This program is a partnership among local businesses, local zone administrators, and state and local agencies. Hundreds of companies that manufacture goods made from recycled materials, such as plastic, glass, paper, wood, organics, tires, and construction debris, use these services. Some companies have benefited from a business loan, while others have taken advantage of the free technical assistance and/or product exposure opportunities through the website.

By tapping into the resources offered through the RMDZ program, you can help conserve resources and increase your bottom line at the same time.

We are Here to Help
CalRecycle, the agency responsible for managing California’s solid waste stream and The Southern California Boarder Region Recycling Market Development Zone can help you identify new markets for recycled content products, help recycling-based businesses, and provide public education and outreach programs, to divert waste from disposal to higher and better use.