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Business Loans

Business Loans

Low-interest loans are available for private businesses and not-for-profit organizations located within designated zones. Applications are evaluated on an individual basis. Startup and expanding companies are especially encouraged to apply for loans.

Benefits to the Borrower
• Low incremental cost to make recycled-content products;
• Below-market interest rate;
• Fixed interest rate;
• Loan terms up to 10 years, or 15 years if secured by real estate;
• No prepayment penalty cost; low cost to obtain the loan.

Businesses & nonprofit organizations may use the funds for:
• Purchase of machinery and equipment.
• Working capital.
• Real estate purchase (maximum of $1M).
• Real estate improvements.
• Refinance debt (debt with high interest rates and/or short terms) that jeopardizes and causes a negative impact on the borrower’s cash flow.
• Payment of loan-closing points.

Additional information about the loan program is available at

Application, General Loan Criteria & Project Eligibility Criteria
Eligible projects must increase diversion of non-hazardous solid waste from California landfills and must accomplish one of the following:
• Result in a meaningful net reduction in the amount of solid waste created from the production of a product.
• Produce a new product from a finished product that has served its useful life.
• Manufacture with recycled materials or produce a recycled material that can be used as a raw material in manufacturing.